Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just traveling with the WIND!

Well the pups are grown and gone and I have gotten to travel to our daughters to see my favorite grandchildren ever! I got to see James and his friend, Josh in action, boxing (Wii style) You had to be there, it is something that you really had to be there for in order to appreciate. I got to help celebrate James birthday ( he's 32 ... yuppers, he is catching up to me and doesn't even know it, lol. He'll pass me soon:) ) I got to go that a word?
It consisted of lots of walking and adventure in the woods.
Poor Gabi, she had a battle with poison ivy, and I am sorry to say .... the ivy won. But she is such a trooper, she went right along with us and their buddies that came for the weekend. For James birthday we got a great circus show and had cheese cake and just lots of laughing. I wish everyone had been there, the boys had a great wrestling match and the girls had a choreographed song and dance all prepared for their Dad. They do love their Dad

Rod and I are in Morgan City now and I am just finding the town by the river. I have been down with allergies or someting. I have gotten to go out and take some pictures though.