Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hangin' around

Well we got to go to Florida a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the warm weather. I know..I know..Heather is voting we move there. LOL. Rod is still voting the Bahama's and at this point, I really don't care, ;). We will be on the boat for awhile longer, and when we do finally find a home, it will be a blessing. I am getting use to the small quarters in which we live. It is a roof over our heads, not to speak of the short period of time it takes to actually clean it. I actually like it most days, but I do have those crazy days. I expect it to be better in the spring , summer and fall. That is if we get to spend much time here. I will get to until the middle of March, then it will be time here and there.
Bell-bell and Benj are pretty adjusted to it. They really enjoy the dock walks, and so do we. Bell hasn't quite caught on the the whole leash deal, she either thinks she is a snow dog, or she will run to the end of it, and of course, be stopped suddenly with all legs flying into the air, lol. She must think this is fun because she will do it over and over :O!
This day is going to be another of the ones I get to stay inside on, it is nasty outside, but warm. Can't complain about that can ya.
More later,