Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its Been a While (We are in Natchitoches, La)

Wow! Where to start...hmm! Well we are in Natchitoches, La, and if you guys aren't sure where that is, .... hmmmm, well have you ever seen "Steel Magnolias"? Now I have actually gotten to see the house. ( I got a picture),

lol. I hope to eat one of the infamous 'meat pies' I have heard so much about. The cobblestone street is one of those things I just had to

walk on ( and no Heather, I didn't even trip how about that). I got to go to the museum where Jean Batiste' (not sure if this is spelled right) had his army. There is so much history in this town, whew! I am tired just thinking about it. I got to walk the cobblestone street while eating a fresh crossiant, how is that for multi-tasking? I got to go into a huge church with so much history.And of course most of this I did spur of the moment, without the camera, so....bummer... I just have to go back. I took some pics when Rod and I went adventuring on Sunday. We are on a Lake and actually ate at a wonderful seafood restarant on the lake last night. We are on Lake Sibley, and it is a really pretty lake. The rv park is not much , but the lake is beautiful and the places around here are fun to check out. Ya know there is always a silver lining, the secret is remembering to be thankful for the small things and be content with where you are at present.