Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back in Morgan City, awaiting a Christmas in Costa Rico

Yep, that's right, we are back in Morgan City. Would you believe I am still finding things here that are beautiful and intriguing me? Well and always a new adventure around the corner. I have met interesting people, and enjoyed a day with a special little Kaden. It is peaceful here and I am still drinking in the word of God. He unfolds parts of the bible all the time.
On a different note....we are waiting for Christmas vacation with our kids in Costa Rico. Can't wait to see how different it will be there.
Christmas on the road has been different, now I look back almost 5 years ago and remember how it was when we had a home to have Christmas in, and a big ol' tree and fire in the fireplace.(most Christmas's). How life has changed for us. Interesting sometimes, and just a little scary most of the time. I am ready for the fun to begin though...bring on Christmas!!!!! I love this season, people are generally happy, and the spirit is abound. Let us not forget stop and remember the "Reason for the Season", without Jesus..none of this would make any sense.