Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its Been a While (We are in Natchitoches, La)

Wow! Where to start...hmm! Well we are in Natchitoches, La, and if you guys aren't sure where that is, .... hmmmm, well have you ever seen "Steel Magnolias"? Now I have actually gotten to see the house. ( I got a picture),

lol. I hope to eat one of the infamous 'meat pies' I have heard so much about. The cobblestone street is one of those things I just had to

walk on ( and no Heather, I didn't even trip how about that). I got to go to the museum where Jean Batiste' (not sure if this is spelled right) had his army. There is so much history in this town, whew! I am tired just thinking about it. I got to walk the cobblestone street while eating a fresh crossiant, how is that for multi-tasking? I got to go into a huge church with so much history.And of course most of this I did spur of the moment, without the camera, so....bummer... I just have to go back. I took some pics when Rod and I went adventuring on Sunday. We are on a Lake and actually ate at a wonderful seafood restarant on the lake last night. We are on Lake Sibley, and it is a really pretty lake. The rv park is not much , but the lake is beautiful and the places around here are fun to check out. Ya know there is always a silver lining, the secret is remembering to be thankful for the small things and be content with where you are at present.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just traveling with the WIND!

Well the pups are grown and gone and I have gotten to travel to our daughters to see my favorite grandchildren ever! I got to see James and his friend, Josh in action, boxing (Wii style) You had to be there, it is something that you really had to be there for in order to appreciate. I got to help celebrate James birthday ( he's 32 ... yuppers, he is catching up to me and doesn't even know it, lol. He'll pass me soon:) ) I got to go that a word?
It consisted of lots of walking and adventure in the woods.
Poor Gabi, she had a battle with poison ivy, and I am sorry to say .... the ivy won. But she is such a trooper, she went right along with us and their buddies that came for the weekend. For James birthday we got a great circus show and had cheese cake and just lots of laughing. I wish everyone had been there, the boys had a great wrestling match and the girls had a choreographed song and dance all prepared for their Dad. They do love their Dad

Rod and I are in Morgan City now and I am just finding the town by the river. I have been down with allergies or someting. I have gotten to go out and take some pictures though.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Still growing puppies ;)

Sell I a m still raising these little girlies. They are growing like weeds. I am pretty sure they weigh at least a pound. I love these little girls and reall want them to have a happy famiy.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time has Past and we have 3 baby girls

Summer as usual is speeding by and I, of course, forget to write in my blog. Some exciting news, our daughter and her family are actually getting ready to leave the country next year. Praise the Lord, their prayers are answered and they will be in the mission field before we know it. That of course has it's good and bad points from a mother's perspective. The bright side is that everyone is doing well and in good health. They are excited and have sold their home, so things are definitely going in a direction. God's plans are always the best when followed.
Another interesting twist is that we have 3 little Maltese girls and they are growing like weeds. They are 3 weeks old and I can tell already that I will have a hard time parting with them. I promised the children and Heather I would post some pictures, so here they are gang. I sure do miss all your sweet faces and hope we will get to spend at least one more week with you guys before you make the big move. Enjoy the pictures. It is very hot here in Texas and we are enjoying our time with family. The winds blow strong, the rain pours down and we learn to enjoy each day in it's own right. Heather, I love the pictueres of all my beautiful grandchildren. You are a photographer in the making my dear. As soon as I can I will send some pictures of the "big house'S" progress. Myself and the dogs are in BC, and I'll tell you , we could definetly do woithout the mowsquitos! YIKES!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

So Much to Tell

Man, it has been months. There is so much to tell and I am hoping I can remember it all. Hmm, lets see, I survived last week taking care of 6 of my favorite people in the world. I didn't keep up great, but they were gracious and held back for me. LOL I had a great time with them, they are definitely the apple of my eyes. There are too many cute things to write. Just look at Heather's blog, their faces will tell you the story.
We are also going to be the proud owners of some little Maltese soon. Yes that is right , Bella and Benji will be parents. We will see how many on Monday, then it is just a waiting game after that. I don't have much else that is exciting in my life right now, it is summer and every day is a good day. I will take pics of the pups as soon as they are here and all is clean, lol. We are staying on the boat in Kemah right now, we prefer Bella to have her pups here instead of in the RV. Until then..... enjoy these summer days.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not great at this, lol.

Heather I love your blog. Could it be because.......hmmm...well there are so many reasons. Since my last writing, we have gone on vacation and started to travel again for work. The vacation was great and too short. Not much interesting to tell except I am very proud of Piper and all my grandbabies. Here are some of the pictures I promised Heather. Jonah and Josiah will love the pirate fight, I think I got the movie on flickr. Hopefully my next writing will be more interesting, but in my defense, I think we have been in Wharton too long. Very boring, not much here, but there are some beautiful bluebonnets nearby. It is the pretty part of the whole area. ( Sorry Wharton) Later gators

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just moving around.

We had a great Christmas and New Year. We have so much family it took a long time to see everyone. It was well worth any trouble. We got to see all the parents, kids nieces, nephews and all the new babies, we most of them. A few had to work or had other obligations. We are in New Caney now and are back in the piney woods. It is nice and quiet. We really enjoyed being near the church and our boat. Just being in Texas has been good. It was in the 70's yesterday and this morning, but around noon it decided winter needed to show up. It is 49 now, I am not fussing, so don't get me wrong. I would rather be in the 30's and 40's here than the teens, hehehe! Right Heather? Well that is all for now, I am going to aclimate to my new environment, so far it is very nice.