Sunday, May 25, 2008

Funny how things work out

I started this blog to keep my kiddo's informed about what and where we were as I follow Rod around with his job.It is turning into more of a journal, and is pretty theraputic for me. Probably doesn't do much for the rest of ya, sorry bout that,;) Well, we have had a couple of weeks at home, on the boat, and have enjoyed painting and just fixing things that need fixing. When you live on a boat , there is always something to work on. I have also been working on the "Seeking Him" self revival.It is taking me to areas in my life, that I never even thought about. The grace of our Lord is amazing to say the least. His patience with me is an amazing thing in its self,. To acknowledge we are all the same, just different bodies,lol, and different choices that we have made in our lives. I have learned to leave behind the poor choices I have made and forgive myself for them, and ask forgiveness for them. This in itself is a huge weight off my shoulders. I am always amazed at what I have learned and continue to learn. God is always putting people in my path to remind me of what He is trying to teach me. Acting on the faith in Christ is harder than I thought, I am learning to fully trust in God, and I am learning to believe and have faith in what He has for me to do. I am learning to be content with what I have, and I think that is the point. I believe He has a plan for us all, and I am excited to see where mine will go. I need to work on complacency, I know Heather, I need to just get out there again and ....mingle? I am getting to know some interesting people here, both in church and around the marina. God is good. I am at peace and at the moment the guilt I have always carried is gone. Praise God, He took that load and I am thankful.
I found a site that has some of the guys, and girls who sing at our church and will try to put the link on this site. you won't be sorry you visited this site. Well I think I have had too much time to write in this blog, lol, Ya know I can't just stop sometimes.
We are doing just peachy and the puppies are just spoiled as they can be. Bella is my lap puppy, she is like a slinky, just crawling into the tiniest space between my back and the seat, lol. Benji is just laying there making sure no one is doing something without him. We are rocking gently, and my chimes are singing outside. It is HOT, and beautiful, so we go out for short periods, lol. Yep , Heath, we are gettin old, lol. Well that's enough babbling for now.
Love to you all,
Soul searching Mimi

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot ve hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house."
God light's our way,but not all at once. our journey will be lit as we follow Him and we will be pleasantly suprised at the end of each journey. The trick is OBEY Him! That is harder to do than it sounds sometimes.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Knife earings anyone? (yep, Heather, I am talking to you, ;) )

We have been off the road for a week, well...sort of. We visited Josh . We also rented a beach cabin and thoroughly enjoyed hanging out there and we got to look at a house and get the feel of living there. Hmmm.. interesting. Big surprise, we both like it.Here is an ot to my lovely daughter, who neve fails to make me laugh. Heather, you are priceless. Yes lovey, I remember the earings, and it still makes me laugh to think of them. Even though you guys are all grown up, I still love every minute of listening, being and watching you grow. I am blessed enough to get smiggens of watching the grandbabies grow, but am incorporated into your lives through our lengthy conversations. Thank you for those. I hope you will get your "earing" story, and will be able to laugh each time you think of it. That will kick off all the funny times in your life. Don't forget to laugh daily, one of God's loving gifts. There are times I love looking back on my life, from the time my mom played hide and seek with me and my little brother, I was about 4, to all of the new adventures and fun memories to date (and that is a loooong time). So learn to laugh, especially at yourself and work on loving the life you have. There is good to be found, we have to remember to search for it. The best love, and light is of course the search for God Our Father. The more I learn, about Him and myself, the happier I have become. So God bless, until next time.
Rod and Wanda

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Florida Trip

Hey there everyone! We have been in Lakeland, Fl. for a little over a week now and are on our way home. We were able to stop in Panama City Beach for a couple of nights. It was our mini time off. We didn't have to rush back this time so we got to kick around for a day or two. We went to Tarpon Springs and got to drink in some of the Greek atmosphere there, that was neat. I learned they are the sponge harvesting capitol of the USA. We have some cool pictures of the beach and just our fun there. We are certainly happy we got to enjoy some down time. I am pretty sure my sunscreen didn't work, I got a little red. OUCH!,lol. Well you all take caare and don't forget the long john's Heather;) You know it will be coold there, but we are so excited for you guys and can hardly wait to heare about all th things you see, and mostly the mission work you all are able to accomplish. I am glad the kids will see a world different from the one they are in, they will appreciate how truly blessed we are and how much we do take for granted. Well, before I ger on any soap boxes I must go. Hugs and kissess to my grandbabies and my kids. I will return later to write more on the buying of a house adventure.