Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back in the south...and "the boat"!

Well here we are back in the south....where we rightly belong,lol.
Loving the warm weather until...what else? A cold front followed us down. I guess fair is fair, since while at Healther's, it was nice and warm a few days. We were sure we would sail yesterday, our first full day back, but we had so much to get ready, we just decided to wait. Wouldn't you just know it, the front came in , and the water went out, lol. We are waiting for some of it to come back in so we can get out. Meanwhile, we got the dinghy out and just did some chores. The sun is out now so it isn't too cold if the wind doesn't blow. (Does that ever actually happen...hmmm) Well I've made lunch and written in my blog. Now I think I will do some of my bible study. It is a humbling study, and I am loving every minute of it.
First I think I will try to put some pictures up though, so just so you know I tried goes!
Ya'll have a great day, and if we do get to go out you will see it in some of the pics.