Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Off to the north........yikes it's cold up there!

Well we are getting ready to leave this morning. We have been in the warm south for a bit and loving it ;) Now we ar going to go north. Rod will be in Illinois, and Indiana. I, however, will be stopping just short of that in Kentucky. I will be visiting with my daughter and all those beautiful grandchildren. I will be watching the first ball game that the three middle kiddos are playing. I can't wait, but I can wait for the cold, lol. Guess I had better scoot, we have a long traveling day ahead, so for now, tootle-ooo!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Waiting to go to Dubai and Bella's adventure

Well the day is upon us that Rod goes to Dubai. Although it is cold here our spriits are high. We have gotten some tracts together so that he can leave them around the hotels and wherever else he can. I am ready for him to be back already, lol. I have started to help out at the church in the mornings, and I love it. God is truly good. After Dubai Rod has a pretty full schedule into April. I will follow and take pictures when I can. We are still searching for a house and have stumbled on to another house out near the beach that I will have to go see while Rod is in Dubai. I feel like we are close to making a decision on this, then we will start the process.
Well, Bella took the plunge yesterday and landed in the mud. There isn't much water, lol, we are literally sitting on the bottom. Makes it difficult for me to get out of the boat and also to get back on it. I am sure it is a funny sight, lol. Anyway, Rod will not let me put a regular collar on Bella baby anymore, he wants a harness on her because we never know what she will do. She obviously doesn't pay attention to where she is when she plays (which is all the time). So I guess we will get a harness. She trains better with the normal collar, but he felt like he was hanging her when he had to pull her up about 5 to 6 feet up to the dock, it scared him. She didn't seem to care after a few minutes, it's great to be her, she is just a little bubbly thing.