Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back in Morgan City, awaiting a Christmas in Costa Rico

Yep, that's right, we are back in Morgan City. Would you believe I am still finding things here that are beautiful and intriguing me? Well and always a new adventure around the corner. I have met interesting people, and enjoyed a day with a special little Kaden. It is peaceful here and I am still drinking in the word of God. He unfolds parts of the bible all the time.
On a different note....we are waiting for Christmas vacation with our kids in Costa Rico. Can't wait to see how different it will be there.
Christmas on the road has been different, now I look back almost 5 years ago and remember how it was when we had a home to have Christmas in, and a big ol' tree and fire in the fireplace.(most Christmas's). How life has changed for us. Interesting sometimes, and just a little scary most of the time. I am ready for the fun to begin though...bring on Christmas!!!!! I love this season, people are generally happy, and the spirit is abound. Let us not forget stop and remember the "Reason for the Season", without Jesus..none of this would make any sense.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

We are down to two puppies now and they are the boys. They are so funny...they love to chase Benji around and watch him act all "macho". You can almost see them laughing when he turns on them and pretends to be grumpy. He still isn't sure about why these little guys follow him around and try to catch his tail. Bella just watches and grins....probably thinking"your turn!". LOL We are getting ready to head to the beach with all of our grandkids and their parents and our oldest son. We will have a full week of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Lots of beach combing and table talks and late nights. We are looking forward to our time together. Hopefully our puppies will all be sold by then and maybe we can take everyone out in the sailboat one day during the week. God is using these kiddos in a wonderful way, and He is letting us "know" it. Praise to you Lord.This is the house we get to be in for a week....Can't wait!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wow It's been a while since I last wrote

Well I could tell all about what has been going on, but the journey is still going, lol. We are preparing to send our beautiful daughter and her family off into the missionary field. Not that we have anything to do with actually sending them off, but we have to say goodbye. God has surely taken me out of my comfort zone in the past few years and this one is proving to be no less comfortable. But He is a mighty God and He does always have perfect timing, even though it isn't mine, lol.

Kiddos just havin' fun in the water!
We are blessed with family and six of the most beautiful grandchildren in the world. ( no I am not a bit biased) I am posting some more pictures of the grand puppies and some of my grandbabies, which I got from my lovely daughter's site, sorry Heather, yes Mom is stealing some of your awesome photographs. I am also posting some of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets in BC and in Kemah, so bare with me. We are in Kemah at this time, and the RV is in Bridge City, so hmmmm.....where do we live again? Wow, I thought the crazy time was over after the holiday, ...but it just keeps on giving. LOL
Our beautiful daughter and her family...Aren't those just the cutest kids you ever saw!

Cozumel sunset in December

Beautiful Cozumel in December
We are in the midst of caring for five little Maltese and preparing to sell them, and letting go of yet another thing.
Sweet puppies just waking up.
Sunset on Cow bayou from our parents backyard. Beautiful!
God's beautiful handiwork
Amazing....breathtaking sunset from the back yard

Sometimes I think, "I might as well go sailing into the ocean with 'rod" it wouldn't be any less disconcerting ( is that a word?). Life is good, even though we have no idea what is coming next we are moving right along.