Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry Christmas in Texas

Yes we are back in Texas, and yep I pull that big ol' RV. I would have never thought I would be doing that, lol. It really isn't terrible, but it does take concentration.We thought it would be nice and warm, but wouldn't you know it ...... the cold followed us. In a time of such pressures the world offers, remember to go to God and He will give you peace. I am still trying to work through all the things in my life that He is making clear to me. The many sins of me, it gets overwhelming at times.
I will try to be what He wants me to be,as we all do. Praise the Lord for guiding us.
Anyway we are back in Texas and are glad to be south, however, we may end up going to Chicago in January. Yikes! It is really cold up there. Not much news except we really liked Tn, and getting to see Heather and the family in KY. It was nice being that close to them. We are very excited about them coming down for Christmas.
We haven't gotten to the boat much, but hopefully we will spend New Years there, as usual. We will probably go to the party at the church first. It is always nice to spend time with them.
well I better go see if my truck will start, there are many people out here having trouble, because of the cold.
We have traveled a lot this year, and really enjoyed being at the Rocky Top Rv park in TN the best. The owners are great, and the people there where very interesting.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hangin' out in Kentucky

Well, we are here in the hollers of Kentucky and it is a very interesting area. Lots of history, not a new thing about Kentucky. There will be a reinactment of the war here in the next few weeks, I am not sure of the date yet, but will keep you posted. Well, Heather, this isn't the paradise of sun, water and sails. Your Dad and I both are about ready for that change. It is sounding better even to your crazy ol' Mom, who has a boat and is afraid to go far from land, lol. A fear, by the way, that many sailors have. I just need to face that fear, and I say to that one, "This on too!!!!!!" Lol.
Well, seriously , not much going on here, I have gotten to meet some of the campers around here. Most of them are working in the area, like us.
The dogs are loving it here, they seem to like the leaves, now that they aren't freaked out by movement. I found yesterday that Bella is afraid of shadows. Sorry Heather, I am not as good at taking phots of them as I was with my human kids and grands. But they are funny.
I love the dinner table story of Jonah's Independence.
I also loved Zoe's call. I will enjoy our conversations, as always. I am hoping that we can get together soon, so that we can enjoy som of those dinner time, daily, funny little times. Love to you all.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Life Changing Events

Since I have last written, I have seen so many pictures from the hurricane Ike and what it did to pretty much all of the lands that we know. My home town is basically gone, and the beach we were thinking of buying a house on, well, all but one house is gone, along with most of the beach. Everything I read and hear makes me heartsick. I have no idea how this will turn out. People will continue to rebuild and do everything they can do. This really brings the fact that lives can change in an instant. There are site set up to donate to the cities on the Gulf coast and Bridge City areas. If nothing else , prayer is what everyone really needs. They need God's grace to get through this mess. I wish I could make things better, or at least go back to the way they were pre Ike. But I can't do any of that so I will do what I can for those I know and some I don't know. I hope this is the last storm for the year. Winter is coming and I am worried about these people, especially the one who have nowhere to go. The elderly and the young. I pray that God will look kindly on them and have mercy.

Monday, September 8, 2008

New adventures in our travels

Well, it's been awhile. Hmm... where do I begin? We have been to Florida, Illinois and now Tennessee. We got to go home for about a week between jobs and got a new truck and an RV. Now no more motels for long term stays. I got the pleasure of driving this big ol' thing up from Texas, and it was an interesting ride. Then we got to the campground and Sue (one of the owners) helped me to back it into a slot, or whatever that slip is that we are in. Anyway, I actually did it and didn't even run over a toe or hit a tree or anything! I love it when things go just right, don't you?
We are enjoying the campground and have met some nice folks along the way. I will take my camera next time we go, I forgot it when we went to Jonesboro, but I'll go back. Well I'm off to the next adventure. I'll be writing more later.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Chick's are called out

John 10:27 "My Sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me."

Yes I missed little Judah's 1st birthday, but the pictures on Heather's blog are adorable. The time has come for my little chicks to be called out into the field. Though I have mixed feelings, I am so excited that God has chosen to use them. They are a wonderful sight to watch. They grow and praise God have helped me with my growth and walk with God. So we will be with them and talk to them as much as we can while they are still in the states, and I pray that God will see fit to allow me and Rod to go see them wherever they are placed. Even though the mother in me is holding on to them, the christian sister in me is ecstatic that the IMB has called them. All things will work out to His glory and in His time.He is moving us around and keeping me out of a comfort zone, you who know me know that I tend to curl up and get comfy in one. He knows that in order for me to continue to grow I must be "stirred up", lol. We are fixing to be on our way to Illinois for a month, I will go to Kentucky and Rod will also when he can. We are hoping to take the grand-daughters to Illinois for a bit. We should be on the road for 3 months, so pray for us. I am getting some mentoring on discipleship, I need it. I thank my Lord for placing people in my life who know more about Him, and how to share Him with others. On another subject, we must go and get Benji, I am sure he is tired of the doggy hotel, but it has been a restful day. Bella is so quiet , I hardly know she is here until she gently nugges my foot to be picked up. So on with my day. We will soon have stories of the road. Until then, God bless and keep you all.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Tieman Tribe News

Wow,if any of you get to go to the Tieman Tribe blog, you should go there and see the power of God and his movement in this world, outside our own tiny realm. So amazing it is leaving me speechless.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

They are Landed!

Well our little tribe of Tieman's have landed in Ecuador and are loving it. The youngest is being adored and the boys are waiting to watch the fireworks, in case one of the volcanoes erupt. We are very happy that they are acclimating to the new culture and environment so well. If you want to read about their adventures, just go to the Tieman Tribe, and click on it to read her blog. More Later
Bendiciones, (blessings)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Funny how things work out

I started this blog to keep my kiddo's informed about what and where we were as I follow Rod around with his job.It is turning into more of a journal, and is pretty theraputic for me. Probably doesn't do much for the rest of ya, sorry bout that,;) Well, we have had a couple of weeks at home, on the boat, and have enjoyed painting and just fixing things that need fixing. When you live on a boat , there is always something to work on. I have also been working on the "Seeking Him" self revival.It is taking me to areas in my life, that I never even thought about. The grace of our Lord is amazing to say the least. His patience with me is an amazing thing in its self,. To acknowledge we are all the same, just different bodies,lol, and different choices that we have made in our lives. I have learned to leave behind the poor choices I have made and forgive myself for them, and ask forgiveness for them. This in itself is a huge weight off my shoulders. I am always amazed at what I have learned and continue to learn. God is always putting people in my path to remind me of what He is trying to teach me. Acting on the faith in Christ is harder than I thought, I am learning to fully trust in God, and I am learning to believe and have faith in what He has for me to do. I am learning to be content with what I have, and I think that is the point. I believe He has a plan for us all, and I am excited to see where mine will go. I need to work on complacency, I know Heather, I need to just get out there again and ....mingle? I am getting to know some interesting people here, both in church and around the marina. God is good. I am at peace and at the moment the guilt I have always carried is gone. Praise God, He took that load and I am thankful.
I found a site that has some of the guys, and girls who sing at our church and will try to put the link on this site. you won't be sorry you visited this site. Well I think I have had too much time to write in this blog, lol, Ya know I can't just stop sometimes.
We are doing just peachy and the puppies are just spoiled as they can be. Bella is my lap puppy, she is like a slinky, just crawling into the tiniest space between my back and the seat, lol. Benji is just laying there making sure no one is doing something without him. We are rocking gently, and my chimes are singing outside. It is HOT, and beautiful, so we go out for short periods, lol. Yep , Heath, we are gettin old, lol. Well that's enough babbling for now.
Love to you all,
Soul searching Mimi

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot ve hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house."
God light's our way,but not all at once. our journey will be lit as we follow Him and we will be pleasantly suprised at the end of each journey. The trick is OBEY Him! That is harder to do than it sounds sometimes.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Knife earings anyone? (yep, Heather, I am talking to you, ;) )

We have been off the road for a week, well...sort of. We visited Josh . We also rented a beach cabin and thoroughly enjoyed hanging out there and we got to look at a house and get the feel of living there. Hmmm.. interesting. Big surprise, we both like it.Here is an ot to my lovely daughter, who neve fails to make me laugh. Heather, you are priceless. Yes lovey, I remember the earings, and it still makes me laugh to think of them. Even though you guys are all grown up, I still love every minute of listening, being and watching you grow. I am blessed enough to get smiggens of watching the grandbabies grow, but am incorporated into your lives through our lengthy conversations. Thank you for those. I hope you will get your "earing" story, and will be able to laugh each time you think of it. That will kick off all the funny times in your life. Don't forget to laugh daily, one of God's loving gifts. There are times I love looking back on my life, from the time my mom played hide and seek with me and my little brother, I was about 4, to all of the new adventures and fun memories to date (and that is a loooong time). So learn to laugh, especially at yourself and work on loving the life you have. There is good to be found, we have to remember to search for it. The best love, and light is of course the search for God Our Father. The more I learn, about Him and myself, the happier I have become. So God bless, until next time.
Rod and Wanda

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Florida Trip

Hey there everyone! We have been in Lakeland, Fl. for a little over a week now and are on our way home. We were able to stop in Panama City Beach for a couple of nights. It was our mini time off. We didn't have to rush back this time so we got to kick around for a day or two. We went to Tarpon Springs and got to drink in some of the Greek atmosphere there, that was neat. I learned they are the sponge harvesting capitol of the USA. We have some cool pictures of the beach and just our fun there. We are certainly happy we got to enjoy some down time. I am pretty sure my sunscreen didn't work, I got a little red. OUCH!,lol. Well you all take caare and don't forget the long john's Heather;) You know it will be coold there, but we are so excited for you guys and can hardly wait to heare about all th things you see, and mostly the mission work you all are able to accomplish. I am glad the kids will see a world different from the one they are in, they will appreciate how truly blessed we are and how much we do take for granted. Well, before I ger on any soap boxes I must go. Hugs and kissess to my grandbabies and my kids. I will return later to write more on the buying of a house adventure.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back in the south...and "the boat"!

Well here we are back in the south....where we rightly belong,lol.
Loving the warm weather until...what else? A cold front followed us down. I guess fair is fair, since while at Healther's, it was nice and warm a few days. We were sure we would sail yesterday, our first full day back, but we had so much to get ready, we just decided to wait. Wouldn't you just know it, the front came in , and the water went out, lol. We are waiting for some of it to come back in so we can get out. Meanwhile, we got the dinghy out and just did some chores. The sun is out now so it isn't too cold if the wind doesn't blow. (Does that ever actually happen...hmmm) Well I've made lunch and written in my blog. Now I think I will do some of my bible study. It is a humbling study, and I am loving every minute of it.
First I think I will try to put some pictures up though, so just so you know I tried goes!
Ya'll have a great day, and if we do get to go out you will see it in some of the pics.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Off to the north........yikes it's cold up there!

Well we are getting ready to leave this morning. We have been in the warm south for a bit and loving it ;) Now we ar going to go north. Rod will be in Illinois, and Indiana. I, however, will be stopping just short of that in Kentucky. I will be visiting with my daughter and all those beautiful grandchildren. I will be watching the first ball game that the three middle kiddos are playing. I can't wait, but I can wait for the cold, lol. Guess I had better scoot, we have a long traveling day ahead, so for now, tootle-ooo!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Waiting to go to Dubai and Bella's adventure

Well the day is upon us that Rod goes to Dubai. Although it is cold here our spriits are high. We have gotten some tracts together so that he can leave them around the hotels and wherever else he can. I am ready for him to be back already, lol. I have started to help out at the church in the mornings, and I love it. God is truly good. After Dubai Rod has a pretty full schedule into April. I will follow and take pictures when I can. We are still searching for a house and have stumbled on to another house out near the beach that I will have to go see while Rod is in Dubai. I feel like we are close to making a decision on this, then we will start the process.
Well, Bella took the plunge yesterday and landed in the mud. There isn't much water, lol, we are literally sitting on the bottom. Makes it difficult for me to get out of the boat and also to get back on it. I am sure it is a funny sight, lol. Anyway, Rod will not let me put a regular collar on Bella baby anymore, he wants a harness on her because we never know what she will do. She obviously doesn't pay attention to where she is when she plays (which is all the time). So I guess we will get a harness. She trains better with the normal collar, but he felt like he was hanging her when he had to pull her up about 5 to 6 feet up to the dock, it scared him. She didn't seem to care after a few minutes, it's great to be her, she is just a little bubbly thing.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hangin' around

Well we got to go to Florida a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the warm weather. I know..I know..Heather is voting we move there. LOL. Rod is still voting the Bahama's and at this point, I really don't care, ;). We will be on the boat for awhile longer, and when we do finally find a home, it will be a blessing. I am getting use to the small quarters in which we live. It is a roof over our heads, not to speak of the short period of time it takes to actually clean it. I actually like it most days, but I do have those crazy days. I expect it to be better in the spring , summer and fall. That is if we get to spend much time here. I will get to until the middle of March, then it will be time here and there.
Bell-bell and Benj are pretty adjusted to it. They really enjoy the dock walks, and so do we. Bell hasn't quite caught on the the whole leash deal, she either thinks she is a snow dog, or she will run to the end of it, and of course, be stopped suddenly with all legs flying into the air, lol. She must think this is fun because she will do it over and over :O!
This day is going to be another of the ones I get to stay inside on, it is nasty outside, but warm. Can't complain about that can ya.
More later,