Friday, October 24, 2008

Hangin' out in Kentucky

Well, we are here in the hollers of Kentucky and it is a very interesting area. Lots of history, not a new thing about Kentucky. There will be a reinactment of the war here in the next few weeks, I am not sure of the date yet, but will keep you posted. Well, Heather, this isn't the paradise of sun, water and sails. Your Dad and I both are about ready for that change. It is sounding better even to your crazy ol' Mom, who has a boat and is afraid to go far from land, lol. A fear, by the way, that many sailors have. I just need to face that fear, and I say to that one, "This on too!!!!!!" Lol.
Well, seriously , not much going on here, I have gotten to meet some of the campers around here. Most of them are working in the area, like us.
The dogs are loving it here, they seem to like the leaves, now that they aren't freaked out by movement. I found yesterday that Bella is afraid of shadows. Sorry Heather, I am not as good at taking phots of them as I was with my human kids and grands. But they are funny.
I love the dinner table story of Jonah's Independence.
I also loved Zoe's call. I will enjoy our conversations, as always. I am hoping that we can get together soon, so that we can enjoy som of those dinner time, daily, funny little times. Love to you all.