Saturday, September 29, 2007

Next Adventure

Hey there girlies and sweet boys. Pappy and I will be on our way to Arkansas week after next, we think. Hopefully it will be fairly close to where you guys are so I can run up ther and give you all a hug and all the rocks and stuff I have collected along the way. God is blessing us all the time. I love to see Him work, I am in constant awe of his works and his love for us.

I will need to post some of the pictures of the mountains we were in and then where we will be. Right now Pappy is working in Louisiana so I am here at the boat for now. I spent some time in Bridge City, Aunt Cathy had surgery, the results were good, no cancer. Everyone there is about the same. I am ready to see you guys, just to hug your necks and watch you play and listen to all the fun you have had this summer. I better post this, it is late here and I will try to write more , or better call, tomorrow.

We love you all,

Mimi, and Pappy

Monday, September 10, 2007

Lots of Beauty in Colorado.

Hey you guys,

How is everyone doing। Papppy and I miss everyone. We want to say"Happy Birthday to James" on his big day on the 14th. Well I am in Kemah now. Draten and I drove in way too short a time to Houston. Pappy is in Wyoming for a few more days and then he will be on his way to Texas. I will send some photos of the mountains, Pappy's pipeline and I hope you like them. I am glad to be home for a few days but look forwaerd to the next trip. Baton Rouge is the next trip, then possibly Dubai and Abu Dabi. We will see.

Well in Colorado we took alot of pictures and want to share them with you all.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Our adventures in Colorado

Hello to all our beautiful grandchilren. We are in Hot Sulphur Springs, We will be her until Saturday, then off to more adentures. We have visited the suphur springs and they make you smell after you get out of them. We sat in about 13 of the 27 springs. Pappy is helping to put a pipeline across a beautiful little river where people do a lot of fly fishing. I think that might be fun to do. We haven't gotten to ride down the river or go fly fishing, but may another time we will. I have ridden all around the small towns here, Granby , Winter Park and Steamboat are skiing towns. The people here are very nice and they are getting ready for hunting season. The trees are already starting to turn.Many of the evergreen trees have been killed by the beatle up here. I have pictures of areas that have many dying trees, but for the most part it is beautiful here.