Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time has Past and we have 3 baby girls

Summer as usual is speeding by and I, of course, forget to write in my blog. Some exciting news, our daughter and her family are actually getting ready to leave the country next year. Praise the Lord, their prayers are answered and they will be in the mission field before we know it. That of course has it's good and bad points from a mother's perspective. The bright side is that everyone is doing well and in good health. They are excited and have sold their home, so things are definitely going in a direction. God's plans are always the best when followed.
Another interesting twist is that we have 3 little Maltese girls and they are growing like weeds. They are 3 weeks old and I can tell already that I will have a hard time parting with them. I promised the children and Heather I would post some pictures, so here they are gang. I sure do miss all your sweet faces and hope we will get to spend at least one more week with you guys before you make the big move. Enjoy the pictures. It is very hot here in Texas and we are enjoying our time with family. The winds blow strong, the rain pours down and we learn to enjoy each day in it's own right. Heather, I love the pictueres of all my beautiful grandchildren. You are a photographer in the making my dear. As soon as I can I will send some pictures of the "big house'S" progress. Myself and the dogs are in BC, and I'll tell you , we could definetly do woithout the mowsquitos! YIKES!